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My Brain is an Asshole Today

March 10, 2018

My brain is an asshole today. Whether it’s PMS or Jerk Brain or not getting enough sunshine or sleep or whatever. My brain is an asshole. It’s telling me I’m a terrible mother, that I’m making stupid demands of Moose, that Moose is angry with me, that I’m not good enough.  For pretty much anything. Every choice I make will be wrong. Everything I do will fail.

It’s hard to function on days like today. Even the smallest of tasks seem overwhelming. On days like today, I lean heavily on Moose. Sometimes literally. And I try to remind myself that whatever the fuck is going on inside my head, it’s only temporary. Tomorrow or the next day or the one after… things will be better.

For now, there are small comforts. A bottle of Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie. Delivery Sushi. And watching Jessica Jones with my husband. Easy things, to take small comfort in. Until my brain stops being as asshole.

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