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If Christian Rituals Were Treated Like Other Religions

December 20, 2017

Peace be with you! I am Sister Mary Beth Sapphira Jones! I am a fifth level devotee of the ancient rites of Catholicism. I am here to share with you the bounties of this beautiful and ancient religion which you, too, can learn!


Baptism: Baptism is an ancient cleansing ceremony which will bring you closer to the Christian Gods.  Usually reserved for Christian babies, this ceremony can be beneficial for adults, too! Wash away your negative energies and be filled with clean positive energies!

This class will teach you how to choose, honor, and use the tools for Baptism. You will receive hands on training in Baptising yourself and others!

Recommended Supplies:

Blessing bowl, “holy” water, extra virgin olive oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil, prayer (“rosary”) beads.

$125 for the class alone, $200 for the class with supplies included.

Eucharist: The Eucharist is a special prayer that can be said over your food to make it more holy. Some Christians reserve the Eucharist only for special occasions, but many of them pray over every meal! Make every meal a blessed meal and be filled with the holy spirit with every bite.

This class will be taught by an actual priest ordained by The Universal Life Church Ministries. He will show you how to bless your food, right in the comfort of your own home!

Recommended Supplies:

Communion Wafers (or bread), wine (red is preferred but white or even grape juice will do!)

$75 for the class alone, $100 for the class with supplies included.


GENUINE CHRISTIAN PRAYER BEADS – Hand crafted prayer or “rosary” beads made by an actual Irish woman! $50 per strand. Ask about our special blessing rates!


(Special thanks to Indrani and Romeo for the inspiration.)

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