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Overthinking It, Cars Edition

December 6, 2017

There are several small cars shown which are clearly intended to be “kids.” And several cars who refer to other cars as “dad.” So how do baby cars get made?

In the first movie, a van passes Mac with a mattress strapped to its roof. Where is it going with that mattress? Who is going to sleep on it?

Mac says “Thank the Manufacturer” when Lightning McQueen is found. Do cars have religion? Do they worship Henry Ford?

The second movie talks about Doc Hudson’s death, but never how he died. There’s a scene where one character “drowns” and another which shows a character getting burned up by the Evil Plot Device. But multiple other characters are shot by the Evil Plot Device and are only incapacitated. It seems like most car parts can be replaced, so what exactly has to break in order for a car to die?

The second movie shows several monuments which were created well before our modern invention of cars. But they are built to the scale of cars, implying that these monuments were built by this society. What came before motorized cars? Anthropomorphic carts? Boats? Bikes?

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