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My Toddler is a Cat

January 11, 2016

Ways in which my toddler and my cats are alike.

– The best places to sit are anywhere that Mommy or Daddy has recently vacated and intended to return to.

– The second best place to sit is on Mommy or Daddy’s chest. Bonus points for blocking the TV .

– The best food is anything Mommy or Daddy are eating.

– Don’t like something? Knock it to the ground!

– Absolutely no qualms about eating off of the floor.

– Makes incoherent mewling noises when they want something.

– Needs claws trimmed regularly.

– Prone to randomly running around the house at top speed.

– Constantly under foot. And usually in the kitchen.

– Climbs on things they’re not supposed to.

– Needs to have the blinds raised 8 inches, otherwise they’ll be ruined.

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