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Oklahoma Introduces Nation’s Longest Abortion Waiting Period

April 10, 2015

An Oklahoma senator has introduced a new bill this month proposing a 6,720 hour waiting period for abortions.  This controversial new bill would make Oklahoma’s mandatory waiting period one of the longest in the nation.

HB 3862, sponsored by Representative Lilly Williams (R-Enid), would amend the state’s already lengthy waiting period law from 48 hours to 6,720 hours.  Over the course of that time, Oklahomans seeking abortions would have to complete a series of state mandated counseling sessions, doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, and finally a brief hospital stay before the abortion will be performed.

“We want to give women the opportunity to be really, really, really sure they don’t actually want to precious baby that springs forth whole into their womb upon conception,” Rep. Williams reported.  “This waiting period will give women plenty of time to consider all of their options before proceeding with the irrevocable decision to slaughter their child like a cold hearted monster who is definitely going to hell.”

When it was pointed out that the waiting period would be longer than the gestation period of most pregnancies, Rep. Williams said only “Well, they should have thought of that before they decided to get knocked up.”


In case it’s not clear, this is most definitely satire.

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