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Review: Baby Food Squeeze Feeders

January 22, 2015

Random Mommy Blogging, yay!

One of the things that I read obsessively while pregnant with Acorn were those “20 Things Every New Parent Needs” lists.  Anything that looked remotely useful went on the registry.  I scoffed at most of it, because frankly, a lot of it was pretty useless.  But one thing I did thing was pretty neat was the squeeze feeders.  Basically, it’s a tube with a spoon on the end and a little hole where the food feeds out onto the spoon.  I really liked the idea of having a single piece item that I could fill with baby food and just squeeze out a spoonful at a time.  No fumbling with a tub and a spoon, no worrying that I hadn’t brought the right utensil, and best of all, nothing for Acorn to grab on to and mush into her hair.

I wound up with two different kind of squeeze feeders on my registry and was gifted both.  And Moose picked up a third while out grocery shopping one day because he wanted to try a different style.  So we wound up with three different feeders, plus the bonus item which I will talk about at the end.  I will note that the major complaint you will find about the squeeze feeders is that they tend to “spit” if you squeezed the bottle too hard towards the end of the food, spattering food all over any surface within range.  However, this is something that happened with all three of the squeeze feeders and was fairly easy to adjust to.  Also, none of the squeeze feeders worked very well if we put anything other than super silky food blends into them.  The hole is just too tiny and gets clogged up.

Nuby Natural Touch Silicone Travel Infa Feeder – This wound up being our favorite feeder of the whole group.  In fact, I bought several more once we decided that this was the feeder to go with, just so we’d always have one on hand when we needed it.  The bottle itself holds about 3.5 ounces of food and is a nice ergonomic shape.  The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and the clear silicone means it is easy to see how much you have left in the bottle.  The major problem we had with this feeder is that the silicone stains, so all of ours are currently carrot colored.  It’s not such a bad thing if you’re aware of it.  Also, the spoon lid snaps off fairly easily and most of the newer versions have the spoon rest built in.

Boon Squirt Silicone Baby Food Dispensing Spoon – This was a pretty decent product, and it has many of the same advantages as the Nuby.  I didn’t like the opaque bottle, though, and I found the shape of it somewhat difficult to manage.  It was very easy to clean, though, which is always a good thing.  The spoon cover was a little harder to snap on, but came off with much greater ease while still keeping the spoon itself secure.

Munchkin 4 Ounce Easy Squeezy Spoon – This would be the spoon Moose picked up in the store, looking to try a different style of squeeze feeder.  And I really wanted to like this one, I truly did.  It had the same ergonomic shape I liked in the Nuby, with the added bonus of colored plastic so that the stains wouldn’t be as obvious.  Plus, it stood up on end!  Sadly, this was not to be so.  The “locking” collar for the spoon is difficult to read and so we spent some time fumbling with the thing trying to figure out if it was open or closed.  It was nice to have a full cover for the spoon end, but it didn’t stay in place very well.  Then my mother in law opened up the whole assembly to clean some food that had gotten stuck in the locking collar, and the thing never quite went back together properly.  It leaked out of the collar and became a great big mess.

Bonus Review:

Infantino Couple a Spoons – I bought a bunch of these to go with my Infantino Squeeze station and probably could have saved myself the money.  As much as I love the Squeeze Station, the pouches simply aren’t rigid enough for me to hold them and the spoon in place.  Plus, Acorn now simply sucks the food right out of the pouch.  Spoons would just get in her way.

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