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Just Another Day

September 11, 2014

(Some people were posting memories of where they were on the day of.  This was my diary entry for the day.)

Dear Diary,
It’s all so very normal here.  I came to work this morning complaining of the humidity, joking with the guy up front about the heat when the sun hadn’t yet risen.  We chatted for an hour or so, then the boss called.  I spent the next hour passing updates to the print counter guys and anyone who walked through the front door.
The sky is bright blue, and it would a beautiful day on any other day but today.  If you didn’t know that 3000 miles away, thousands were dead and dying, you might think it was just another day.  If you didn’t ride the buses and hear the news updates running straight through, if you didn’t hear the people talking on the streets, and if you couldn’t see the fear on the faces of those passing by.  It might be just another day.
There’s talk of war.  For the young men and women in uniform who walk this campus daily, it’s not just idle talk.  Were we to go to war, who knows how many of the bright, eager faces that I see everyday would someday come back covered in a crisp, new flag.  I give thanks for the people I know who are safe, and pray for those I know who will be the first to be shipped off.
Tonight, plans to go out have been canceled.  We just want to stay home with our friends, and know that we’re here, alive.  The evening will be spent instead taking comfort from each other, taking in the horror of the day, and taking the time to remember those who have died.  Tonight, our dreams may be troubled.  Tonight, the country may go to war.  But tonight, we must find a way to sleep.  For tomorrow’s just another day.

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