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The Lord of Shadows, E.E. Ewer

April 16, 2013

Full disclosure: I met E.E. Ewer at this past AggieCon and greatly enjoyed her company while in a location that serves adult beverages. I specifically picked up this book because I found the author quite witty and wanted to see if her wit translated into her books. Take that as you will.

The Lord of Shadows suffers from what I like to call “First Book Problems.” Most notably, the main character is quite clearly a representation of the author, right down to the character’s name being the author’s first name spelled backwards [1]. Ewer repeatedly uses “the brunette girl,” “the brown haired girl,” and “the green eyed girl” to describe her main character, leaving most of the rest of the character’s description to the imagination. Without the assistance of Ewer’s drawings [2], the reader would have some difficulty in putting faces with the characters. Finally, Ewer seems to have trouble finding her voice in the narrative. The beginning and several spots throughout the novel could have done with some brutal editing and polish.

That said.

The Lord of Shadows is otherwise a very beautiful book. The world in which it is set is fascinating, and the love story around which it turns is very well told. The dialogue was just as witty as expected from my interactions with the author, and I found myself not wanting to put the book down. The ending seemed a bit rushed, and I feel as though there are a hundred stories lying hidden somewhere in the middle of the final chapter. Stories which I would very much like to read. The Lord of Shadows may be E.E. Ewer’s first book, but I dearly hope it will not be her last.

The prologue and the first two chapters are available online at and both a paperback and ebook are available for purchase.

[1] In any situation where a word or name seems unusual, I tend to look for the puzzle. Which probably says more about me than it does about the author.
[2] Admittedly amazing drawings.

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