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Banned Book Review 2: ttyl

November 7, 2012

9. ttyl; ttfn; l8r g8r (series), by Lauren Myracle

Reason: discusses sex, pornography, drinking and inappropriate student-teacher relationship

In other words:  It talks about all the things that you’d expect 16 year old girls to talk about when they are chatting with each other.[1]

Normally when it comes to series like this, I try to read at least three.  But I am an old fuddy duddy with a degree in English and I found the IM speak teeth grindingly painful to read.  Even in when I *did* spend a lot of time in chat rooms, I didn’t type like this.  Then again, I was 10 years older than the intended audience for this book even when it came out, so I suppose there’s a bit of a culture gap there.   I will say that I really admired the way the author handled the student-teacher relationship.  It seemed clear to me that while the character involved in the relationship really wanted to believe that there was nothing sexual going on, she was uncomfortable with its undertones.

The things that the girls discuss are…  very adult in nature.  While the books are theoretically aimed at ages 13-17, I wouldn’t personally recommend it to any girl younger than 14.  A rather narrow distinction, I know.  Parents, however, should probably take this sort of book as a reality check.  These are the sorts of things that teenagers talk about when they are alone with their peers [2].  Parents have to decide whether or not they want to ignore that, or influence the direction of the conversation.


[1] Note to all minors I claim as kin: This is TOTALLY NOT COOL to do.  Tell your parents I said so.
[2] But certainly not any teenagers related to me, RIGHT? (Say it with me now, “Yes Aunt/Cousin Squirrel.”)


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