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The Next Generation of Workouts

August 20, 2012

I’m trying to get back into the habit of working out on the elliptical again.  I’m still having trouble sleeping, so hauling my butt out of bed in the morning is as much of a challenge as spending time on the machine.  I’ve gone back to my most successful workout motivator, that of watching Netflix.  I decided to stack up a whole bunch of things so that I could watch while working out and doing laundry, mostly seamlessly and without upsetting Moose.  Which meant old TV shows.  Very old TV shows.  Because I have been feeling nostalgic, I picked Star Trek.

It’s been interesting watching these early episodes.  Despite its age, the show still manages to have a fairly futuristic feel to everything.  And while there are moments when the plots seem almost archaic, I recognize that for their time, they were likely rather groundbreaking.  I especially liked that several of the male extras wander around wearing the short tunic style uniforms, though Wikipedia research seems to indicate that these only show up in the early episodes.  Ah well.

What is most interesting to me right now is just how much the character of Wesley Crusher comes across as a Mary Sue.  When I was younger (holy cow, I was only 8 when these first started) Wesley seemed like The Perfect Guy.  He was smart, cute, and he knew the pain of too mature for his peers, yet too young to be taken seriously by adults.  It’s part of the reason that I have such a huge Fancrush on Wil Wheaton even to this day.  And also the reason why I want very much to go see him at a convention, though I will likely turn into the stammering idiot fangirl that several of my favorite authors have had the dubious privilege of meeting.  Moose will probably have to tag along just to translate.  It would probably go something like this:

Wil: Hi, nice to meet you.
Me:  *breathless meeping*
Moose: She’s happy to meet you.
Wil: Did you have something for me to sign?
Me: *hands over picture and flails*
Moose: She says “Make it out to Squirrel.”
Wil: Here you go.
Me: *high pitched squeal*
Moose: She says she’s a huge fan.
Wil: Well, it was nice to meet you.
Me: *stuttering gibberish*
Moose: She says it was nice to meet you too.

And then Moose drags me away somewhere quiet so I can return to being a normal human being.  But I digress.

From the distance of time and age, I can see why the character of Wesley Crusher must have annoyed so many people.  He’s just a little too smart, a little too frequently working on just the right thing to solve the problem, and sometimes kind of obnoxious.  Then again, there are quite a few moments where I found other characters to be a bit obnoxious, so that may be partly due to the quality of those early scripts.  I’m hoping that this gets better as the show grows and becomes the show I remember watching with my dad as a young teen.

I am also looking forward to the uniform change in the next season.  Riker’s chest hair looks like it’s going to climb out of his uniform at any moment and it kind of freaks me out.

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