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A Very Good Day

June 28, 2012

It’s been a rough few months around here. I’ve been having a lot of mostly okay days, with occasional not so good days, and a few too frequent bad days for my personal tastes.  Pain, depression, and some Life that I would prefer not to get into at the moment have taken up the majority of my spare emotional energy.  I had just enough to keep up with what was going on in the world, but not enough to express how I felt about it. Sometimes, though, the news helps turn a mostly okay day into a good day.

Today is a very good day.

The Affordable Care Act debate has been just one of the many political/social issues which I simply couldn’t bring myself to deal with any more.  In the face of my increasingly frustrating medical issues, I simply couldn’t deal with the number of people who seemed to honestly believe that everything about the ACA was a personal affront to their freedom.  I know that there are people who have serious concerns about how they are going to afford health insurance for themselves or their small business.  Unfortunately, these voices have been drowned out by the number of crackpots shouting about having to pay for freeloaders, sluts on birth control, and people who went out and got themselves some kind of completely preventable preexisting condition like cancer [1].

But today is a good day.  It is a good day for millions of people who couldn’t previously afford healthcare, it is a good day for millions who have previously been denied healthcare, and it is a good day for millions of people who have spent years worrying about what will happen to their health care if they lose their job.  It is a good day for the millions of women who were being charged higher rates than men, students who weren’t sure what they were going to do when their parents’ insurance ran out, and people who were just barely above the poverty line.  I am sorry for the many who are wondering what is going to happen to their small businesses now, but I am glad for the many millions more for whom today is a good day.

However, today is not a great day.  There is still talk that ACA might be overturned.  Romney has already promised that his first act if elected would be to completely roll back ACA, regardless of the many millions it would help.  There are differing opinions on whether or not he could do that.  A number of Republicans have made it their talking point of the day to promise they will start next week on a repeal.  The ACA was upheld as constitutional today, but it was not completely endorsed by those who upheld it.  However happy I am today, I have to remind myself that tomorrow is just the first day in a long fight to hold this line.

So I wanted to say this today, while it is still a good day, both for me and millions of others like me.  Be happy for today.  But prepare for tomorrow.  Understand that this is a big victory, but it is not a final victory.  The ground can still be lost.  As much as I would like to believe that there is no way Obama could lose in November, I greatly fear that too many people will believe the same and decide that it doesn’t matter if they vote.  If we rest too easy on this single victory, we may lose the greater victory in the process.  There are still those who would take away this good day, and much more.

Today is a very good day.  But it’s back to work tomorrow.


[1] Yes, really.

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