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Y’all Ready For This?

April 5, 2012

By now most of you have probably already heard that Dallas was hit by tornadoes on Tuesday.  Here, 2 hours south of Dallas, we were pretty safe from the weather. The worst that we got was some heavy rain and hail. But I have lots of friends who live in Dallas, so those few hours between hearing about the storms and hearing from my friends were very tense.

There was one set of friends that I was not worried about. Since our recent con had been survival themed, he and I had a chance to talk about his survival preparations. I knew that if things got really bad, he and his friends and family would be safe. There was a kind of peace in knowing that they could weather the storm.

After the fires raged across Texas last summer, I spent some time making sure that our Go Bags were ready. We need to find a better bag for Moose, and there is a list that I keep on Amazon with some of the things that I want in order to finish out our bags.  But I know that at least my bag will keep me for 4 days if we have to leave very quickly.

My conversations with my friend also led to me thinking about the food storage in our house a little more seriously. One of our major food storage issues is that Moose and I don’t eat a lot of canned goods.  After talking to my friend, and reading some very good things that he had written in his blog, I realized that we eat more canned goods then I thought. I picked up a few cans when I went grocery shopping, with an eye towards what we would be able to do with them in a year when they would need replacing.  I think that over the next few months, I will be able to get a good stock of food that will rotate into our pantry smoothly.

I do not feel like I could be called a survival nut.  But with all of these natural disasters that have happened in Texas lately, I do feel that it is in our best interest to be prepared. There is a kind of peace in that, knowing that we will be ready for just about anything.  I would like it very much if I could give that same peace to people who I care about.  Disaster survival is something that most people don’t even think about, right up until they have to.  Now, while the storms are fresh in your memory, would be a good time to ask yourself.

Are you ready?

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  1. April 5, 2012 11:03 am

    I keep thinking of doing this, especially for the kids, ESPECIALLY for the ones on medications, but I’ve become slack since moving away from disaster central. Seriously, in 5 years in central Texas, we had tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, floods, and a blizzard. In almost 4 years in Georgia, we’ve had some scares, but no natural disasters have actually happened.

    This post also reminds me that somewhere online there is a post about how Cloverfield would have gone had the main character been properly prepared with a “jump bag”. It was entertaining.

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