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The Rules of the Con

March 27, 2012

A few months ago, I had a very nasty cold. The cough medications provided by my doctor, and our life difficulties during that time combined forces to make me very loopy and a bit off the wall. So when I sat down to Facebook one afternoon and saw that we still hadn’t written the rules for the con, this is mostly what came out.  The rest of the convention staff helped to polish the rules and gave some great suggestions for things to add.

I am still not entirely happy with the way the harassment policy is worded, but I think it got the message across.


Badges must be displayed at all times while in the convention space. Badges much be clearly visible and in a location where security may easily identify it as one issued by this convention. Please refrain from adding your badge to your badge collection until after the con. Security reserves the right to request that you relocate your badge to a more visible location. After three requests, security reserves the right to request that you relocate your badge to their custody and remove yourself from the convention space.

Convention attendees are requested to engage in regular grooming habits to maintain their personal hygiene and limit body odors. This includes bathing or showering at least once per day and changing into clean clothes afterwards. If you need assistance in obtaining a space in which to properly clean your body, please feel free to ask your friends if you can borrow their shower. Clean clothing is available for purchase in the dealers room. Febreeze is not considered an acceptable substitute for showering. Neither is Axe.

Cosplayers are reminded that this is a family friendly convention, and care should be taken to ensure that costuming is appropriate to that environment. Security reserves the right to request that you made additions to your costume in order to provide appropriate coverage. Security reserves the right to fashion additional coverage for you from paper towels and duct tape for repeated violations of this rule.

Convention staff reserves the right to request that attendees limit public displays of affection to socially acceptable levels. Anything past “first base” should be taken somewhere more private. The elevator is not more private. Neither are the stairwells, parking lot, public restrooms, empty panel rooms, or the back of a stranger’s truck. Whether or not your room is considered more private is entirely up to your roommates.

This is an alcohol free convention. Please limit consumption of alcohol to non-convention spaces. Any incidents of underage drinking that are brought to the attention of convention staff will be reported to the appropriate authorities. The convention staff also requests that other beverages be confined as much as possible to containers which can be closed and sealed when not in use. A container which can be closed and sealed is defined as one which can be briefly turned upside down when closed and won’t spill. Please do not test your container over any location which cannot be easily cleaned.

All weapons, including concealed firearms, must be approved by security. Persons in possession of a concealed firearms are politely requested to bring proof of registration to the security lead or a designated representative. Any non-concealed weapons must be either clearly fake, or secured. All bladed edges and pointed tips must be covered and the covering secured with ties. If the covering or fastening is not approved by security, covering and fastening will be provided in the form of duct tape and zip ties. Security is not responsible for any damage to improperly secured weapons caused by duct tape and zip ties. Security reserves the right to provide more complex coverings and fastenings for additional violations of this rule.

Certain areas are limited to adults over the age of 18. Persons under the age of 18 may only enter these areas while in the company of a parent or guardian. Security reserves the right to request ID or other verification that the accompanying adult is, in fact, a parent or guardian. Attendees wearing badges marked as “Field Trip” are barred from Rocky Horror and the 18+ area of art show without exception. Proof of parent/guardianship includes, but is not limited to: IDs with identical last names, embarrassing pictures you were saving for their first date, funny stories of wrong answers they gave on their test last week, and stretch marks.

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes stalking, bullying, and sexual harassment. If you feel that someone at this convention, whether an attendee, a guest, or a member of the staff has acted inappropriately, please do not hesitate to contact someone on the convention staff. If the incident is beyond the authority of the convention staff, then they will help you to contact the appropriate authorities on the matter.

The convention and security staff reserve the right to request that you cease any behavior deemed to be inappropriate, overly disruptive, or otherwise disturbing to the enjoyment of other convention attendees. Repeated requests may result in revocation of badge and removal from the convention.

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  1. rkclair permalink
    March 28, 2012 10:22 am

    there is STILL no gaming in phred!

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