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Last Con Standing

March 26, 2012

Moose and I are trying a new workout routine this week. Instead of me getting up early every other day while he sleeps in, we are both getting up just a little later in the morning every week day. We hope that this will motivate Moose to get out to the gym while I will be working out. It means that my workout will be a little shorter each morning, but I will be adding two more workouts a week. I’ve had a few months to get used to the speech to text system, and I am hoping that the be slightly shorter workout won’t affect the length of my blog posts too much.

This past weekend was the big local convention that I help out with. We had a slight miscommunication as to when the dealers needed help to move in, so on Thursday it was just me helping move boxes for a few hours. It was definitely more of a workout than I normally get on the elliptical. Of course, for the rest of the convention, I was walking around the dealers room every hour or so. I like to do this in addition to our security because then I can spend a little time talking to each of the dealers and catch any problems before they become major issues. It also helps me to get a read on the flow of the room so that I can adjust which dealers are where the next year. There was a tendency for certain tables to get missed along the corners, and I think I might need to make sure that the dealers in those spaces are large enough to catch the eye once it gets past that corner.

But the real advantage of these hourly trips is that I spend time getting to know the dealers and guests. At my other conventions I get to spend a little time with each attendee as they pass by the front of the table. Here, I get to spend a little time each hour getting to know the people behind the table. Even when I complain about certain types of behavior from the vendors, I still enjoy getting to know them. And of course when you have guests as fun as we did, it is always a pleasure to stop by their tables and see what sort of zany conversation is going on.

Over all, it seems that pretty much everyone who came to the convention had a good time. I complained a lot about how much my feet hurt at the end of the day, but I still got to go to see a few panels being put on by other people, and even got to play for a bit in a LARP being run by a friend. I felt sad when I got tired at around 11 and decided to go home to sleep, but I figured with all of the exercise I was getting and the fact that I am still having a little trouble sleeping, it was the adult choice to make. Sometimes being an adult kind of sucks.

On my last trip through the dealers room, I spent time getting some good ideas from the dealers for ways to make next year so much better. That’s always the goal for a convention. To have a good time this year, and work to make next year better. If only half of these ideas work out for us, I think we will be well on our way to having a really spectacular convention next year.

Today I am back to my real life. But if I want to help make these plans happen, then convention planning will probably start back up again tomorrow.

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