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Back In The Saddle

March 12, 2012

It has been 2 weeks since I last got on the elliptical and exercised. A lingering cold and a family emergency smack in the middle made it hard to keep it to my routine. Even this morning, Moose made a joke about it being a “hack hack squeak squeak hack hack” morning.

The cough really isn’t all that bad, though. It still gets me out of breath sometimes when a really bad cough comes through, but for the most part Moose classifies the cough as annoying. He teases me that it disrupts his game playing, so that I will stop being stubborn and go take some cough syrup. At this point, it just feels like the sort of cough that means I need to take my inhaler. Which I should probably consider doing before climbing up on this thing for the rest of the week.

My sleep patterns were interrupted as well. Moose and I slept on an air mattress at his cousin’s house. We are experienced campers, so when we go sleep over at someone’s house, we bring a pretty nice bed set up. Still, sleeping in someone’s living room with relatives on the couch and floor doesn’t make for a restful sleep even in the happiest of times. I made an effort to get to bed early each night this weekend, so that I wouldn’t have to take medication. We even locked all of the cats out of the bedroom, but I still had trouble getting down to a deep sleep.

On Friday night, I had the kind of experience that initially made me hesitant to take sleeping pills. I had only taken a melatonin, and given what the doctor and pharmacist said, I think I probably would have been better to take a sleeping pill. The nightmare was so real and so intense that I am not sure even now if I actually picked up my phone to post something to Twitter. I know that I didn’t actually post anything, but I felt the phone in my hand. All the while, I was struggling to stay awake. I knew that falling back asleep meant going back to the nightmare and the melatonin was doing its best to drag me back down.

Finally, I am officially out of my pad off Tuesday and Thursday posts. Normally I would spend a little time each day working on the extra posts, but I spent a lot of my extra time last week trying to catch up from the week before. I was so proud of myself for getting a nice pad together, and in just 2 weeks it disappeared. I now know better how web comic artists feel.

On the plus side, my university’s spring break is this week. And while the employees don’t get the whole week off, we do get off 2 days. The list of things I want to accomplish during those days is already pretty long. Fortunately, I can probably do some multi-tasking and also get a few things done in the evenings this week. I have a whole slew of restaurant and movie reviews I need to do, plus I need to finish some Modern Bible posts and polish off the Banned Book Review. So at the very least, my pad of posts won’t be empty for long.

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