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Banned Book Review: Family Secrets

February 6, 2012

81. Family Secrets by Norma Klein

Reason: Since I can’t find a specific challenge, I’m going to go with “teenage sex, adultery, drug use, cussing, and hints of incest.”

Family Secrets is the book I was reading when I officially hit the wall on the Banned Book Review six years ago.  After a year of reading and reviewing books that parents had deemed inappropriate for their children, I was pretty well burnt out on teenage angst.  And Family Secrets is thick with it.

Family Secrets is the story of Leslie and Peter, two teenagers whose families have been close since they were kids.  One summer, Leslie and Peter start a sexual relationship, and not long after discover that Leslie’s mother has been doing the same with Peter’s father.  The affair leads to divorce and remarriage by the adulterous couple, and Peter and Leslie are left trying maintain their already awkward relationship under the strain of suddenly becoming siblings.  It’s actually a pretty good book about dealing with divorce, weight issues, and discovering your own independence.  It’s the sort of book I probably would have liked more if I’d read it in junior high or high school.

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