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The Naming of Cats

February 1, 2012

6 weeks ago, I was leaving a friends house after a holiday party. When I got into my car, I heard the sound of a cat meowing. We lost Lil’bit once and had her turn up in the engine of a neighbors truck, so I tend to be a bit wary when I hear a cat meowing. It was late and drizzling a little, so it seemed likely that a cat might have climbed up into my engine. When I got out however, it was clear that the meowing was coming from under a truck a few spaces over.

I could see that there was a small black and white kitten under the truck. It was very thin, and it’s cries were pitifully hoarse. It clearly wanted attention, but it wouldn’t let me get near it. I went back to my friends house and borrowed her cat carrier. She said she had seen the cat around, but had been unable to get it to come to her. After some coaxing and a little trickory, I managed to trap it.

I am fortunate that Moose loves me very much. It takes a lot of love to put up with a wife who brings home a stray cat at midnight. It helps that Moose loves cats as much as I do, and probably would of done something similar in my place. Together we made a nest for the cat in our garage. It was cold out there, but we didn’t have anywhere to keep a cat in isolation inside the house. Fortunately, I know a little something about building cat nests. It may not have been as warm as inside our house, but it was probably warmer then anywhere he had been sleeping outside. It was certainly a lot drier.

Over the next few weeks, we took the cat to the vet and he was declared healthy. At 6 months of age, he was in pretty good shape for a kitten that had been living outdoors. We got everything we needed to keep him, but we couldn’t agree on a name. Part of the problem was that Moose was still looking for someone to take him. We already have 3 cats, and he didn’t want the expense and trouble of keeping a fourth. He was reluctant to name a cat that we might not keep. I started calling him BoyCat just so we would have a name to address him by. After a while though, we became resigned to keeping the kitten and the hunt for a name was on.

Finding Ninja’s real name was easy. When I first brought him home, he hid in all sorts of weird places. If it was big enough for a kitten, it was big enough for him. It’s a habit that he has kept, though he’s gradually become more social with us over the years. Moose settled on Gabriel pretty quickly, but we call him Gabe most days or FatBoy. I personally think that he named Uriel too quickly, but since we were only dating at the time I didn’t have much say. As it is, we very rarely use her official name. As far as I’m concerned, her real name is Lil’bit.

Naming the kitten was harder. It is the first time that we have had to agree on something where we both had strong opposing opinions. We proposed  names to each other over the next few weeks, but nothing seems to stick. I even asked my friends on Facebook, and got lots of really interesting suggestions. None of them seems to really hit the mark.

There was one name that I kept coming back around to. It is a name that I had been wanting to use for a cat for a very long time. Moose was a little iffy on it because it was the name of a television show character. We both liked the character, but he didn’t think that it applied to our BoyCat. He proposed a few variations, but I didn’t like them. Eventually, he pointed out that I was probably going to use the name regardless of whether or not he rubber stamped the choice.

It’s been an interesting few days trying to remember to call BoyCat by his new name. We will probably never fully to drop the old name. The naming of cats can be a complicated thing, and sometimes you will find yourself naming the cat something that you never expected. For now though, our BoyCat has an official name. Even if we someday find that it isn’t his real one.

Meet Parker.

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