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The Actor and the Writer

January 4, 2012

The most common suggestion made to me since I first proposed this new exercise program is “You need a dictation program.” Which is a nice thought, but I’ve tried that  before, and it didn’t work for me.

Get me together with a group of friends, and I will spin off stories of past glories and goofs. Sit me down in front of a computer in a writing urge, and I’ll turn out a story in no time.  But speaking a story is different for me than writing a story.  Speaking a story is *acting* and the actor in me has a hard time letting go.

When I write, the words line up in a spool, like the impressions on a typewriter ribbon waiting for the keys to press the ink of my story onto a page.  Not a metaphor to impress my younger audience, but it’s the best way I can come up with to describe how it works. I think there is too much improv in my background to deal with the tidy little roll of words. If you are too inflexible in improv, you’ll stumble on the unexpected and fall flat. You have your general end point, and a fuzzy line showing you how to get there eventually, but between the opening line and the closing, you need to be ready for just about anything to happen.

All of that said, it is something I’m looking into. Dictation programs for the Andoid are mostly aimed at doctors and lawyers, so finding the one that works for me at the cost I’m willing to pay has been frustrating. There’s a version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, but it’s $5.  I know it sounds cheap, but I’m reluctent to spend the money on something that might not even work for me. For all of my years working a full time job, I still sometimes have a bad habit of thinking like the college student who once spent a whole semester living on a dollar a day worth of food. I really wish I could get a trial version of the ap, or a cheaper version of something similar. I’m going to keep looking.  I may have to just suck it up, recognize that $5 these days isn’t worth what it used to be, and then go yell at those damn kids to get off of my lawn.

In the que:
What I Really Did With This Blog in 2011
The Girl With Dragon Tattoo’s Triggering Rape Scenes
A comparason of the two biblical origin stories, done in the Modern Bible style
Why We Don’t Talk About The Gypsy Story Here

And a whole slew of posts that I started writing and never finished. I’m going to finish them, polish them up, and post them. No, really, I am. Where’s that giggling coming from?

(Oh, hey, my tablet has an “experimental” voice input function.  Funny what you discover when you flub the buttons.)

(The big difference between the last time I worked out in the morning and this time is that previously, I would get off of the elliptical and be sweaty and sore with tired legs. This time, I am sweaty, sore, my legs are tired, and my arms hurt from the effort of holding my hands steady to press a key. So at least I’m getting a more rounded workout. 😀 )

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