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Moose is Ossim

November 21, 2011

This afternoon, after pouring out a litany of all the things that have been stressing me since, oh, say, September, I realized something. I needed an evening home, alone. So I sent a message to Moose and told him that the thing I wanted most in that moment was for him to get the hell out of the house for a few hours so that I could have some Me time.

And you guys? This how ossim Moose is. He not only accepted my very random request, he came home, gave the cats gooshy food (so they would leave me the fuck alone), checked to make sure there was a bottle of white wine chilling in the fridge, and deposited a very large, very tasty bar of Godiva chocolate on our dining room table. And then he left, to go spend time with his family.

I got to spend the evening soaking in the hot tub (something that is also attributable to Moose’s heroic efforts), reading Habitation of the Blessed, by the inestimable Catherynne Valente (if you’re not reading her work, you totally should), and drinking white wine while eating tasty chocolate. And when I am done posting praises of my husband’s ossim-ness, I’m going to go curl up with Ninja and some Doctor Who. This, my dears, is the true love of a man with a frequently occasionally insane wife.

Love is not perfect, no matter what the poets may say. But sometimes, it shows it knows you better than you know yourself, and that’s perfection enough.

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