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Moose is Officially a Crazy Cat Person

September 27, 2011

Moose generally doesn’t like it when I transcribe our conversations on my blog or Twitter. Sometimes though, he gets overridden.

We talk to our cats, and talk back for them. Moose has this particular voice he uses for FatBoy, AKA Gabriel, which is high pitched and kind of ditzy. It’s a very funny voice, especially when you consider that the source is a very large man. FatBoy is slightly cross-eyed and not terribly bright, so the greater portion of “his” contributions to the conversation is “What? What? I don’t understand.”

Like many cats, FatBoy hates having his claws clipped. I’ve found that the best way to keep 18 pounds of fur and muscle still long enough to clip 10 front claws is to apply 150 pounds (give or take) of Mommy. So tonight, I have FatBoy pinned to the bed, and this happens.

Me (to FatBoy): Where are you goin’? Where do you think you’re goin’?
Moose (in his FatBoy voice): Nowhere with your fat ass laying on me.
When I turn to glare at my husband, he protests “What? He said it, not me.”
After I recover from a fit of giggles, I tell him that this conversation is going to wind up on my blog, whether he likes it or not.

FatBoy got his claws clipped. Lil’bit did too. Ninja… Ninja gets his claws clipped very carefully. And usually when he isn’t looking.

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