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The Suffocation of Education

February 18, 2011

Several months ago, Left of College Station had a local Tea Party representative on his radio show. Among other thing, they talked about the things that government should and shouldn’t tax the community to provide. One of the statements that most infuriated me was her claim that government shouldn’t force communities to pay for public schools. It was her claim that no community would ever vote to not provide a good education for their children.

In Wisconsin, the governor’s proposal that teachers and other state employees take pay cuts has those employees out demonstrating in the streets. In Texas, the budget cuts have led to belt tightening in schools from kindergarten to college. And if the buzz about the country is to be believed, state budget cuts are only going to get worse.

Is it really possibly that our national community is willing to sacrifice the educations of this nation’s children in favor of tax cuts for the rich? What happened to the good of the many outweighs the needs of the few? Studies have shown that educating prisoners 9pdf) reduces their likelihood of committing further crimes. Why wouldn’t we want to educate our young people better, in an effort to keep them from committing crime in the first place?

People talk about redistribution of wealth as if it’s Hard Working Joe having all of his money given to Lazy Bum Bob. In reality, in a world where the top .001% owns 976 times more than the entire bottom 90%, it’s CEOs being taxed to pay for programs that help their lowest paid employees make ends meet. It’s people living in billion dollarhomes being taxed to subsidize the electricity for families living in two bedroom apartments. It’s people eating in five star restaurants every week being taxed to help the waitress in the diner down the street bring home milk and cheese to her children instead of cheeseburgers.

History has shown that, time and again, those who have are perfectly willing to sacrifice the well being of those who have not in order to have more. Now, it seems like those who have are willing to to sacrifice the future of those who haven’t even had a chance.

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