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Skyline Review Via Twitter

November 17, 2010

* Tue, 02:49: Holy cow, Skyline is AWFUL! I wish we had waited until it had come out on DVD so could could get drunk and snark it.
* Tue, 02:52: Scot: I have to go home and watch something more awesome. Me: You could watch anything else. Moose: Braveheart!
* Tue, 03:04: I spent the first half of the movie thinking of Making Light’s review of Cloverfield. #skylinesucks
* Tue, 03:05: I spent the second half waiting for Will Smith to appear and blow something up. Preferably the main characters. #skylinesucks
* Tue, 03:10: Things I yelled at Skyline: You, you, and you! Go put on some sensible clothes! Right now! THOSE ARE NOT SENSIBLE CLOTHES! #skylinesucks
* Tue, 03:11: Things I yelled at Skyline: Shelter in place, damnit! Get away from the windows! Hide in the damn laundry room! #skylinesucks
* Tue, 03:17: You beat the alien who came up the stairs with your bare hands. The stairs are now alien free! WHY USE THE SCAFFOLDING? #skylinesucks
* Tue, 03:25: Things I yelled at Skyline: (In my best Mulan voice) Get off the roof, get off the roof, get off the roof. #skylinesucks
* Tue, 03:28: Moose’s review of the ending: Really? Really? Surely they’re not going to end it that way… they did. Worst movie ever. #skylinesucks
* Tue, 03:34: Skyline is a terrible movie with a terrible ending. Unfortunately, it’s followed by an additional 15 minutes of terrible. #skylinesucks

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