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Moose Tales

September 2, 2010

There’s a rule in our house that Moose is not allowed to crack jokes, make funny noises, or talk in funny voices to the cats while I’m taking my inhaler.  20 seconds may not seem like a long time to hold your breath, but it’s REALLY hard when you’re trying not to laugh, thus expelling steroid powder through the nose.  Which HURTS, by the way.

This morning, Moose was listening to Pandora on his phone, and I started dancing along while holding my breath.  Moose, being a big goober, starts to dance with me.  Which was hilarious, considering that Moose doesn’t dance.  And was wearing only boxers and socks.  So for approximately 10 seconds this morning I was blind because I was trying keep holding my breath while laughing with Moose declaring that it hadn’t been his fault because I started dancing first.

Ah, love.

Moose calls me in to the computer room to show me his WoW character.

Moose: So I’m a tank, right.
Me: Right.
Moose: And my midriff is bare.
Me: Yup. It’s fairly common.
Moose: There’s not even a shirt!
Me: Welcome to casual sexism.
Moose: Mmm, sex.

I’ll turn him into a feminist yet.

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