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2010 Book Review

May 14, 2010

14. The Journals of Eleanor Druse by Eleanor Druse

The university has a function on the library website which allows you to save books to a “bookbag.”  This one’s been in the bookbag for a while.  Also, the lettering on the cover glows in the dark.  I didn’t actually notice this until I finished the book.

This book was not actually written by Stephen King.  The real author is a man named Richard Dooling.  It is, however, a tie in novel with the Kingdom Hospital miniseries.  Which if you haven’t watched, you really should.  This book basically sets the stage for the miniseries, filling in the background of how Eleanor gets involved in the investigation of the paranormal goings on, and explains so much more about why the main neurosurgeon works to thwart Eleanor in the miniseries (besides being a jackass).  There isn’t a whole lot of the ghost story in this, and if you read it alone without watching the miniseries, you won’t get any kind of resolution.  But it’s a pretty decent read, if not exactly written in the journal style that the cover claims.

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