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Ninja’s Tricks

May 3, 2010

Ninja has this knack for being able to open drawers, doors, and pretty much anything else that’s closed which you would really like to remain that way.  We have child locks on most of the cabinets, but he still manages to get inside them, usually scaring the hell out of anyone who happens to open the cabinet.  At one point I put the open drawers together with finding Ninja in locked cabinets attached to those drawers and realized that he must be opening the drawers, climbing into them, and crawling out the open sides of the drawers into the cabinet.

Ninja also has this mouse toy which squeaks every time you hit it on something.  It is a damned annoying toy, especially at 2 am.  Fortunately, he doesn’t often play with it at 2am.  Unlike Lil’Bit, who loves the damn thing.  So I hide it.

One time I hid it in the kitchen junk drawer.  A few weeks later, I found Lil’Bit playing with the thing.  Clearly, Ninja had fished the mousie out of the drawer.  This time, I decided to hide it somewhere that Ninja couldn’t get to it.  The third drawer down in the main bathroom is rather hard to open, so I hid it in there.  Just now, I heard the mousie.  Lil’Bit was playing with it.  After exclaiming over the fact that I had hid the mousie away, and demanding that she tell me where the hell she found the thing, Moose mentions that his drawer (the second one down) had been open earlier.  Apparently, Ninja had opened the second drawer, climbed into it, crawled out the back side, discovered the mousie in the third drawer, and either crawled back out the second drawer, or undid the child latch, taking the mousie with him.

Swear to Bob, I’m going to set up a hidden camera some day to catch him pulling this shit off, because even after discovering evidence that he is doing this, I still find it hard to believe.

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