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January 13, 2010

Not so very far in the past, but still. In the past.

One night at the end of the faire day, Moose and I stopped by one of the sandwich booths to pick up some dinner. I was still enough in character to have my accent going, and had attracted the attention of the girl behind the counter. She thought my accent was really neat. She asked where I was from. I told her. She said “But what about your accent?” I said “Oh. That’s just the character I play out here.” She then asked what I really sounded like. So I dropped the accent and said “Well I’m told that I sound a bit like a yankee.”

She and some other girls who had been hanging out at the booth GASPED and acted as shocked as if I had pulled on my face and revealed it to be an incredibly likelife mask. The girl behind the counter told me that I should get a job out there. I laughed and told her that I worked just down the way at the fortune telling booth.

Then the guy who had been hanging off to the side asked me how many accents I could do. I studied him for half a second, and then in his own roundly central Texan accent said “I could talk just like you, if I listened to you long enough.” Which just about blew the girls’ socks off. At that point, Moose kind of dragged me off, perhaps realizing that I could slip in and out of accents for hours, given the opportunity. Which is perhaps what I love most about LARPing, and doing faire. Putting on the accent, and attitude, and becoming a whole other person, for the entertainment of both myself and others.

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