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Cats and Mice

December 2, 2009

Gabe has been scratching on the couch. I’d put Sticky Paws on some of the corners when we were living in the duplex, but had left one of the arms uncovered, because it was difficult for them to reach. In the new house, both arms are exposed. And Gabe, rat that he is, has been jumping up and using the uncovered arm as his personal scratching pad. So last night, I got fed up with it. I still had some Sticky Paws left, and I covered the arm with it, plus several other areas which looked like they’d been the subject of his attentions. The next time he jumps up there, he’s going to get a belly full of sticky tape. I’m a mean, mean cat mommy.

I told you that story to tell you this one.

When I went looking for the Sticky Paws, I saw that I still had most of the holiday pack which a friend had bought a few years ago. I’d doled out some of the toys when I’d first got it, but you just can’t give Ninja all of the toys at once. He will disappear them, one way or another. I still swear that he ate the dragon toy Squishy bought him, and the stash of crap under the couch when I moved out of my previous apartment is the stuff of legend. He’s even been known to open drawers to get at the stash o’ mice, leaving nothing behind but an empty package and a single sad little mouse butt.

We’d taken up most of the cat toys in the past few weeks, because Lil’Bit will play RELENTLESSLY with anything that looks remotely like a toy. Most of the toys were belled, rattled, or squeaked. Add in wood and title floors with the perpetual shortage of sleep courtesy of faire, and you had a sure fire way of causing Mommy and Daddy to wake at 3 am shouting “LIL’BIT! KNOCK IT OFF!” Instead, we got cat fights at 3 am, with the same results.

So there I am, looking over this pack of toys, and I spot at the bottom a three pack of cloth mice. Perfect. No rattle, one for each of them, and if Ninja decided to eat his, it wouldn’t hurt him. Too much. So I passed them out, making sure each one was occupied with theirs before moving on to the next cat. Which did not stop Lil’Bit from hunting up Ninja and Gabe to steal theirs and decide which of the three she liked best. Eventually, she settled on one, and spent most of the night playing with it. Gabe played with one of them off and on, taking time to rest every few minutes because playing is exhausting, yo. And Ninja… Ninja carried his around. I caught him a couple of times in a quiet corner, playing covertly with one of the mice and running away with it in his mouth whenever he saw me.

This morning, Ninja was curled up in his usual place between my night stand and the pile of pillows. As I reached over him to turn off the alarm and get my glasses, I noticed a dark spot in the bed between us. I picked it up, and discovered that my baby had brought his mousie to bed. I guess he figured that it was the safest place for it.

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