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Origins Updates

June 30, 2009

Guy in a Marvel shirt: I just can’t wrap my head around Fantasy.

Amazingly, nothing horrible happened on any of my flights.  My biggest problem was that I was in a lot of pain by the time the convention ended, and the flights did not help.  I drugged up for the flight to Houston and passed out for most of it.  Once in Houston, I got to trek from one end of IAH to the other.  This required a hike across one terminal over to the inter-terminal train, a train ride, a hike across another terminal to get to a bus, which took me to a third terminal, where we were eventually told that we had to hike across this last terminal to leave out of a different gate.  And the stairs.  The little puddle hoppers to and from home don’t pull up to the gate.  You go down some steps to get to the tarmac, and then up some steps to get onto the plane.  None of which would have really been a problem if I’d bothered to get a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago and had him write me a new ‘scrip for my pain meds.  Ah well.  Live, learn, bitch about it online.

The convention itself went pretty well.  I heard several remarks about attendance numbers being down, and most of the regular vendors reported that their take was about average (including myself).  There were several of the smaller game booths that looked like their employees were bored out of their skulls, which was probably a result of their lack of sales pitch.  But there were lots of interesting games for sale, and one booth that was hard not to drool over.

Geek Chic Furniture makes gaming tables.  And damn fine ones, at that.  They have a piece that I really, really, really want which looks like your average dining room table but which has a removable top which can hold anything from puzzles to a full scale miniature war zone.  The pictures of their website really don’t do their products justice.  Every time I passed their booth I had to resist the urge to pet the tables because they were so beautifully made.  I also have it on good authority that they are working on a workdesk/storage cabinet that will close up into a neat little cabinet, which I naturally must have.

The Cam games were rather awesome.  There were quite a few of the potential newbies who were really fantastic roleplayers.  I talked to several of them on Sunday, and most of them said they were joining up.  The one couple who weren’t sure about joining up said they had gotten temp memberships and were going to try the online game for a bit, since they weren’t sure if there was a domain in their part of New York.  I told them of the domains I knew of in that state, and they promised to check them out.  So here’s hoping.

But the real reason that I love getting to go to Origins is the people.  I got to see all sorts of friends that I rarely get to see, including kiddos who are getting HUGE and oh god when did I get to be one of those people who nags at her friends to post more pictures of their kids?

Origins Lurv Letters:

Dear Parents,
The “shhh-shhh-shhh” noise you hear is not the calming rhythms of the ocean crashing upon a distant shore.  It is the sound of your child swishing his hand through the necklace display and grinding the crystals against the plastic.  If you won’t tell them to knock it off, I will.  Glaring at me for telling your child to please be careful with the jewelry?  Classy.

No Lurv,

Dear Kid,
I’m sure that under any other circumstance, you are a perfectly nice kid.  But right now, I’m trying to explain how this booth works to the nice man with his wallet out.  You, on the other hand, are asking me questions that have absolutely nothing to do with any of the products we are selling.  You are more than old enough to know better than to interrupt people when they are having a separate conversation, and not young enough for it to be precociously cute.

No Lurv,

Dear, Like, Everyone,
There is a giant clock on the wall to your right.  There is a giant sign with our aisle number hanging from the ceiling to your left.  A quick glance at either of those two things answer will 90% of the non-product related questions that you people ask.  Another 5% can be answered with “Sure you can, just let me move my badge so you can read it all” followed closely by “Pegasus Publishing, two aisles over.”  Buy something here before you go, though.

No Lurv,

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