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ConDFW and Lost Phone

February 23, 2009

  ConDFW was annoying, wonderful, and sad at various times.

  First thing Saturday morning we came in and haunted registration.  I could have sworn the website said reg opened at 9, and another lady agreed with me, but there’s nothing on the website now, so I can’t find anything to back that claim up.  Anyways, the registration people let us check in as soon as they were ready, which was terribly nice of them.  I then played a game with some perfect strangers (which is sort of the point of gaming at conventions, IMHO) while we waited for the dealer’s room to open.  (Side note: I called it the vendors room at one point and some guy corrected me, informing me that it was different terminology.  This was after I had lost my phone, so I wasn’t exactly in the mood for idiocy, but I managed to not a) smack him for being a pedantic fuckwit and b) subject him to the extensive list of my experience in the matter.  Anyways.)

  So we finish our very awesome game, and I bounce over to the dealers room, having made the logical assumption that any sane convention staff would open up the vendors room PRIOR to the book signing, so that people such as myself, who for whatever reason were unable to purchase books prior to the convention, would be able to spend money on books for the signing.  Apparently, I assume too much in this case.  I spent some time being irrationally irritated by this choice because I’d managed to position myself right next to the signing table and thus was FIRST IN LINE, DAMNIT.  I didn’t want to leave to find someone to talk to about the problem, on the off chance that someone I knew would pass me by who COULD get into the dealer’s room.  And lo and behold, after a very agitated half hour (during which I got to listen to the complaints of the dealers, who were only being allowed in 30 minutes prior to opening, as opposed to the standard hour), a friend passed me by.  I pushed money upon her hung over self and begged her to BUY ME BOOKS, because I was FIRST IN LINE, DAMNIT.  She groggily obliged, and I was saved, yay!  After that, getting to talk to Jim Butcher and have him sign a book for me and one for a friend in Iraq was sort of like having a wild mood swing.  I bounced away from the table giddy and trembling because I had been OMG FIRST IN LINE, YAY!  It took me a bit to come down from that one, let me tell ya.

  I bought way too many books in the dealers room, had lunch with the guy who is going to be doing my photoshoot in a few weeks, and then went to the Steampunk panel.  That was interesting and fun, but I sort of felt like I was sitting in a room full of people trying to one up each other with the more obscure Steampunk references.  Which was handy for taking notes for the aforementioned photoshoot, but occasionally annoying.  Sadly, I took all my notes on my phone, which has met an ill fate.

  After the panel, I sent into the dealers room again, and pulled out my phone to note down the name of an author.  Sometime between that point and a couple of hours later when I went looking for it in the Urban Fantasy panel, it disappeared.  It either fell out of my pocket, or I put it down somewhere and left it.  It made me very sad, and Moose and I spent hours wandering the lobby and the dealers room calling it, trying to see if we could hear it ringing.  No dice.  The convention staff said that everything went to the hotel front desk, and the hotel front desk swore that nothing had been turned in.  We wound up crashing with my friend that night in the hopes that someone would find it.  Which meant that I got to actually attend ConDFW parties, but was still quite sad, since no one ever answered it, and it started going straight to voicemail later that night.  I held out hope until late Sunday, figuring that maybe, just maybe someone would find it once the dealers room had broken down, but no dice.  Ah well.

  Now, I am in search of a new phone.  Moose thinks he can get his old one back from the person who has it now, so that’s an option, and I’ve got several eBay auctions flagged that are ending today and tomorrow.  But I don’t think I can go for more than a week without a phone.  I feel so lost without it.  😦

  Let me tell ya, trying to track down everyone whose phone numbers I need has been an adventure.  Some of my friends are only on LiveJournal, some are only on MySpace, some are only on Facebook, some I’m having to e-mail directly.  And telling my family that I not only lost their phone numbers, but also everyone’s birthdays?  Ossim.  Let this be a lesson to y’all:  Use backup tools.  Really.  Losing the very nifty, very expensive hunk of electronics doesn’t hurt nearly as much as losing all of the information stored on it.

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