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Lil’Bit’s Adventure

December 15, 2008

Saturday morning, bright and early, my “Take Yer Pills, Stupid” alarm went off. I am, naturally, out of water. So I stumbled out of the bedroom, bottle in hand, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two cats nervously peering out a wide open front door. “Uh… Why is the front door open?”

Gabe and Ninja scattered like roaches. Moose stumbled awake. I also notice that the study door is open, though we’ve been trying to keep the cats out of there. I run to close the door, and then realize that Lil’Bit didn’t scatter, too. I called for her, hoping to Goddess that she hadn’t run outside. Shaking the treat can only brought Gabe running to me. Moose went outside to call for her, while I poked around in the usual hiding places inside. Moose proposed driving around the neighborhood calling for her and shaking the treat can, in the hopes that she’d come running, so we threw on some warmer clothes and headed out. Moose thought to check his engine, just in case she had crawled up into there. We spent the next hour and a half driving up and down the neighboring streets, shaking the treat can and calling for her. I was crying most of that time, because I thought maybe I hadn’t closed the door enough and Gabe had managed to pry the front door open, as he is wont to do.

At some point Moose discovered that his drill was missing (I can’t recall if this was before or after our first trip through the neighborhood). A little bit later, Moose noticed that his computer had been completely unplugged, save for the monitor cables. It was then that we realized that yes, we actually had been broken into. Moose thinks the thief must have seen his computer through the back window somehow (which means he was probably poking around in our back yard (shudder)), which is why he knew to go to the study and not the bedroom. On his way, he spotted the drill and picked it up because it was portable and easy to pawn. In the meantime, the door is wide open, so Lil’Bit dashed outside. Gabe and Ninja know they’re not supposed to go outside, so they stayed in the house. Then, either Moose’s yelling at the cats through the closed bedroom door (as he sometimes does when the cats running around wakes him up), or my “Hey Stupid” alarm going off scared the dude away before he could finish taking the computer. Fortunately for us, Moose’s phone, wallet and my purse were all in the bedroom. Unfortunately, he managed to get away with the drill and one missing Lil’Bit.

Eventually, we had to give up the search because some friends of ours had arrived to pick up the washer and dryer I was selling. While I was getting dressed, I heard Moose run in, and run back outside again. So I ran outside after him, to see our neighbors Kane and Kim standing outside. Kim said they thought they had heard Lil’Bit meowing. Moose was calling for her and shaking the treat can when I heard a cat crying. I ran towards the sound and realized it was coming from the engine of the truck one house over. Moose had thought to check his engine, but we hadn’t thought to check the cars next to ours. Moose crawled under the truck and spotted her up inside, but she couldn’t seem to find her way out. Kim went and knocked on the door of the neighbors house and asked them to pop the hood of their truck. At this point I’m crying and laughing and calling for her, trying to convince her to come to Moose. When they popped the hood, a bunch of us looked in and called to her until she climbed far enough up that I could reach in and grab her.

I didn’t want to let her go when I got inside, but once we were in the doorway, she decided she’d had enough of the out of doors and wanted to go hide someplace nice and warm. She jumped down, and at that point I realized that our little black kitty was covered in black gunk from the truck’s engine. After breakfast, she got to have a shower with Moose, to clean all that gunk off. We decided that first thing, all of the cats were getting new collars and tags, whether they liked it or not. Second, Lil’Bit was getting microchipped like Gabe and Ninja are. And when we realized a bit later that Lil’Bit was in heat, we added “get her fixed” to our list. That’s happening Wednesday morning, bright and early. Friday, I’ll be hauling Gabe and Ninja up to get their shots updated, which is sure to be an adventure in and of itself.

I got a bunch of pictures of our little rats this week-end, though most of my pictures of Lil’Bit are of her suckling herself (something she does before settling down to sleep, the weirdo) because I couldn’t get her to sit still long enough to get anything else. As we were driving around searching for her, I realized that the most recent pictures I have of her are from when Ike came through, and the most recent pictures of Gabe are from his shaving adventure. So I wanted to get the remedied.

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