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Traveling to ICC

October 22, 2008

ICC was tons of awesome. But I seriously need an assistant for next year. Not just someone to run the vendors room, but someone who I can trust to run my table while I go SLEEP. I think I may have to change my travel plans from “Leave Wednesday, come back Monday” to “leave Wednesday, come back Sunday, sleep all day Monday.” Either that or just save up for that extra vacation day on the end.

Wednesday was mostly travel. Surprisingly, nothing horrible went wrong. Insanity, I know. There was traffic on the way in that made me a little antsy, and getting through security was hilarity, but I made it in just fine.

So this was me in security. I had packed a thermos with some coffee in it for the shuttle ride down, and a bento for the plane ride. No pics of the bento, sadly. I did, however, learn that if I intend to pack fish for a plane flight, I really should remember to pack a damn fork. Anyways. I go through security. I know that I’m going to get my bags checked because I have tools, a thermos, and a bento, all of which probably look pretty weird on the x-ray. I point out that the tools are less than 7 inches, and the lady lets the rolling bag slide, commenting (as they usually do) that I’ve obviously done this before. The sling bag, however, has to be checked.

Me: The thermos is teal, and right on top. It’s empty.
Him: I still need to check it.
Me: I know, I’m just describing it to you so you know what to look for. The other thing is probably my lunch box. It’s wrapped in a checkered blue cloth bag.
Him: Okay. What’s this? (pulls out the bento bag)
Me: It’s my lunch box.
Him: I still need to look inside it.
Me: That’s fine.
Him: (pulling the box out of the bag) Oh! It’s one of those Japanese things!
Me: That’s right! It’s a bento!
Him: (opening it) Oh, it’s your lunch! Why didn’t you say so, I wouldn’t have opened up your lunch.
Me: o.O Um… It’s okay. I don’t mind. I know you have to look.
Him: That’s neat. I’ve never seen one. See something new everyday.

This generally cracked me up because really… What did he think was in my lunch box? And even if I did say “It’s my lunch” I’d have expected him to look anyways. I was actually kind of tickled that he recognized it, even if he didn’t know the name.

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