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Oldie But Goodie: Faire Story

September 5, 2008

One Sunday morning, a sheriff’s deputy stopped by the wagons and asked Pappa if he knew where “Gypsy Meadow” was located. Pappa, a little embarrassed, explained that “Gypsy Meadow” didn’t exist. It was just something we used to tie off the end of a bit. Whatever the bit might be, offering to buy a child, harassing some poor kid about running away with the gypsies, or the ever popular “Do you wanna be my pet?”, we would always end it with a promise to meet the person “In Gypsy Meadow at midnight.” Most people would laugh, and walk away, understanding that this was the conclusion to the skit.

Apparently, someone took it a little too seriously.

The deputy, it seems, had been doing his rounds the previous night around midnight and run across a trio of very drunk, very loud, very obvious patrons. Since patrons aren’t allowed on the grounds of the faire after hours, he stopped them and politely inquired just what the hell they thought they were doing. They informed him that they were looking for Gypsy Meadow.

The deputy was confused, having never heard of Gypsy Meadow before. He politely inquired what the hell they planned on doing there. To which they replied that they had met this really hot gypsy chick that day, who had promised to meet them there at midnight. Shenanigans were sure to ensue.

The patrons were politely informed that they were trespassing, and that they needed to get the hell out. That Gypsy Meadow did not exist, and that the gypsy they were looking for was probably asleep somewhere far, far away. And that yes, she lied to them. Because that’s what gypsies DO.

Miss you Pappa.

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