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Origins Updates

July 1, 2008

My luck with airlines was utterly awesome, right up until Sunday night, when the staff at IAH decided to suddenly become brainless morons. While the weather can’t possibly be blamed on them, the shell game with the gate numbers was totally and completely their fault. Did you know that despite the numerous gate change announcements that are made every day by reasonable and responsible gate attendants, it’s not actually THEIR FUCKING JOB to make those announcements? Nope, it’s actually the CUSTOMER’S JOB to inform the attendant that a gate change has been made, whereupon the attendant will make an announcement.

Stuff that I’ve never experienced at a convention:

1) On Thursday night, I got invited to a Pirate Party by two randomly passing guys. When I turned them down, they asked what I could possibly be doing that would be more fun. I told them “Going to play Vampire.” They then proceeded to spend a couple of minutes trying to convince me that Their LARP Was Cooler. I don’t even remember the name of the LARP, but I do remember thinking how awfully cute it was to watch them wasting their breath.

2) As I was standing in line for food while in costume, a guy behind me in line started complimenting me on my “nonconformist” mode of dress. Apparently, he’s annoyed by the Damned Kids all dressed alike. I explained that it was a costume for a LARP, which prompted the little girl in front of me to start asking questions. I got to explain LARP to an 8 year old. Her little brother was just as cute.

Him: “Why are there holes in your shoes?”
Me: “So you can see my toes.”
Him: “So you can see your blue toenails?”
Me: “That’s right! So you can see my blue toenails!”

Things that are sure to make a girl feel better about her new dress: Passing a table full of guys and hearing “Holy crap, she needs an invitation to play.”

Requiem Origins Quotes:
“So you jump, and your crotch hits him in the face.”
“At least it wasn’t a woodchipper!”
*ST answers his cell phone* “Mike, I can’t talk right now. I’m running a combat with bears.” *hangs up*
“Go team Gangrel in corsets!”
“Excuse me. Are those tattoos strap on?”
*in Russian accent* “Dirty, dirty, dirty.*

Origins was both tons of fun, and very painful. 8 hours a day on my feet, plus game in the evening? Yeesh. Signs that it has been a long convention: You go to the bathroom so that you will have an excuse to sit down. I’ve volunteered to learn how to make the badge designs. In part because it will allow Lucas to actually talk shop with potential business contacts without cutting into the badge making time, and in part because it will give me an excuse to sit for a few hours. Sales on my stuff were okay, though not stellar. Watch this space for Origins Lurv Letters.

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