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Banned Book Review: Sex Education

September 14, 2006

93. Sex Education by Jenny Davis

Reason:  teen murdered by adult

From the title, I thought this would be yet another boring, dry book about sex, menstruation, masturbation, and the ever controversial topics of homosexuality and abortion.  Instead it is a work of fiction about two high school sweethearts who are assigned an unusual project in their biology class.  To care about someone.  Their quest to care about a neighbor, and their growing love for each other is a sweet story that begins and ends tragically.

“Sex Education” uses one of the narrative frameworks that is compelling if done right, but damn irritating if done wrong.  The main female character is writing to someone about the events of the past.  Her story is littered with pleas to the person she is writing to for permission to stop writing, and allusions to the horrible ending that have all the subtlety of an elephant stomping through a well used cow pasture.  At several points during the story I wanted to stab both the main character and the author.  Preferably with a red pen.  Definitely intended for teens.

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