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Banned Book Review: Song of Solomon

June 17, 2006

85. Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Reason: contains language degrading to blacks, and is sexually explicit.

As with any Toni Morrison novel, Song of Solomon discusses life in the most direct terms possible.  Macon Dead, AKA Milkman is the only son of a middle class black family.  As he struggles to find himself in his father’s capitalistic world, to crawl away from his mother’s obsessive love, and to redeem himself in his own eyes, he discovers the history of his family is deeper than it appears.  Morrison’s rambling and disjointed story telling style is in full force for this novel.  The ending is worth the difficulty of slogging through the rest of the story, but really only just the once.

Citizens for Literary Standards in Schools Review of Song of Solomon:  Be sure to scroll down to the “quotes” section for an insight into just how out of context some people are willing to take cuss words.  I’m sure that you could get quotes similar to those out of my writing, if you used enough ellipses.

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