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Banned Book Review: The Dead Zone

May 30, 2006

83. The Dead Zone by Stephen King

Reason: challenged, removed and banned because of “filthy language”

Well that fucking sucks.  I can’t fucking image why anyone would ban a book for having a few damned curse words.

Now that I have that out of my system…  Don’t these people think that maybe the scenes where a character kicks a dog to death, and the whole subplot involving a child rapist is a little more bannable than a few curse words?  Not that I’m advocating banning this book, mind you.  The Dead Zone is one of King’s better tales, made all the more horrific for the fact that the monsters in this story are chillingly real.  Johnny Smith is involved in a car accident that causes him to spend four years in a coma and wake up to discover that fate has stolen four years of his life, and left him an unusual gift in return.  It is a dense story filled with symbolism and deep philosophical questions about God, fate, and free will.

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