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Banned Book Review: Private Parts

May 25, 2006

87. Private Parts by Howard Stern

Reason:  I’m gonna gonna take a stab in the dark and say “Sex, drugs, and midget porn.”

I do not like Howard Stern.  I think he is a crass, obnoxious misogynist who has discovered a way to get people to pay him for acting like a loud mouthed, overgrown, oversexed 13 year old.  Everything I have ever seen or heard from him has offended me in some way or the other.  Usually intellectually, at the idea that this guy could ever have become famous.  And my opinion of the man just about covers the sum of my opinion of this book.
It is interesting to read about his rise from minor early morning disk jockey to infamous shock jock.  The comments and interviews are occasionally amusing.  And he does actually managed to dredge up some insightful tidbits on both his own life, and the lives of the celebrities he interviews.  But for the most part, this book is a couple hundred pages of mental masturbation, complete with crusty dried out money shots.

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