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Banned Book Review: Mommy Laid an Egg

May 8, 2006

I have officially given up trying to find the reasons that certain books were banned. At least for this round.

82. Mommy Laid An Egg by Babette Cole

Reason: I’m gonna make a wild guess here and say “Naked Mommy and Daddy doin’ the bedroom limbo”

This is an absolutely hilarious book about sex and reproduction.  The parents in this book start out trying to explain where babies come from to their two children, and wind up getting a lesson in just how knowledgeable their kids really are.  The pages on how Mommys and Daddys “fit together” probably caused the biggest controversy, with it’s childish drawings of “Mommy and Daddy” in various sexual positions.  This book handles sex in a funny and lighthearted manner, while avoiding the “grownups know everything” angle that some sex education books take.  I personally felt that this one was a wee bit over the top for the age group (4-8), but it does address the absurdity of telling your kids that they came from a stork.  And while the sexual positions may cause a few grumbles of disapproval from some people planning to show it to their kids, they’re fabulous to inflict on your friends.

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