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Banned Book Review: Tiger Eyes

April 3, 2006

78. Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume

Reason:  Challenged for violence and could create unnecessary fears in some young people.

Davey is 15 years old, bright, emotionally mature, and her father is dead.  In order to cope, her mother moves the rest of the family to New Mexico to stay with an Aunt and Uncle.  There, Davey learns deals with racism, sexism, alcoholism, and her denial of her father’s brutal murder.  Davey’s transition from moody 15 year old to a more mature 16 year old is handled realistically, and as usual Blume manages to pull a lot of very real themes into a coherent and moving story.  She doesn’t focus on Davey alone, but develops the stories of the other characters as well, showing that it is not just Davey who has to deal with her father’s death.  There is brief violence between Davey and her uncle (the uncle slaps her in anger, but later admits that he was wrong), but otherwise the violence is all second hand.  The vandalism of the uncle’s car and the shooting of Davey’s father are all described after the fact.  Recommended for ages 9-12.  Still good at age 26.

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