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Banned Book Review: Carrie

March 31, 2006

77. Carrie by Stephen King

Reason:  “Promoting” sex, violence and obscene language

Heaven forbid we “promote” violence against obnoxious teenage prima donnas.  Considering that all of the characters who are violent, have sex, and use obscene language die violent and messy deaths at some point or the other in the novel, I can’t see where that would exactly be encouraging to teens.
Carrie White is an outcast teen whose telekinetic powers arrive in full force after the late onset of her period.  The book itself is not told as a linear story.  It is rather a story wrapped in the fictional analysis and theory that supposedly followed after the “Prom Night” incident.  Most of this sort of thing isn’t covered in the movie.  So if you’ve seen the movie and think you’ve gotten the gist of the book…. Think again.  The movie misses large chunks of the motivations behind the characters, and goes into greater detail of the cruelties that Carrie endured which led up to her explosive killing spree.  It also explores some of the theories behind telekinesis, which nudges the story along.  The very first novel ever published by Stephen King, it doesn’t have some of the polish of his later works, but definately has the power.

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