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The 6 Convention Room Commandments

March 13, 2006

Thou Shalt Be Expected to Pay On Time
You don’t have to pay before the convention.  But you do have to pay your share before leaving.  I am willing to make exceptions for people who can only chip in small amounts and are willing to sleep on the floor, or for people I know and respect enough to know that they’d do it for me if our places were reversed.

Thou Shalt Not Smoke in the Room
Your roomies are asthmatic.  Smoking is bad.  Promising to open the window doesn’t cut it.  Thou shalt not argue with the asthmatic about whether or not smoking is bad for her.  Thou shalt not assume that the asthmatic will not notice if you have a quick smoke while she’s vending.

Thou Shalt Not Have Room Parties
We get up very early in the morning, and spend all day in a vendors room.  We then go to game, and probably spend some time at Other Room Parties.  When we come back to the room, we want to sleep.  I don’t care if you stay out until 5 am, so long as you are quiet when you come in.

Thou Shalt Contain Thy Crap
There may be as many as four other people spending the next three days in the room with you.  The likelihood of those four people also bringing half a suitcase full of black clothing and bluejeans is very high.  I do not like playing scavenger hunt in a room that looks like a Hot Topic exploded.

Thou Shalt Not Have Inconvenient Amounts of Sex
I don’t care if you find/have a bed buddy.  I don’t care if you use the room.  But you will plan your escapades at times that will not prevent your roomies from getting ready for game or sleeping.  And Thou Shalt Not Use My Bed.

Thou Shalt Respect Thine Other Roomies
If you do not like my choice of other roomies, thou shalt either deal with it, or find another room.  Your inability to get along with the other people in the room will not allow you to get out of following the first rule.  The hotel is big enough for you to be an adult about any issues that might come up.

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