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Banned Book Review: Women on Top

March 3, 2006

72. Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Fantasies by Nancy Friday

“pornographic and obscene” and lacks “literary merit.”

Did you know that Graham crackers and Kellog’s corn flakes were originally invented as a way to reduce masturbation?  Well now you do.  And you’re going to be thinking of it every time you see or hear of those products from here on out.  I figured I’d share the pain.

Women on Top is a collection of women’s fantasies, collected by the author from various sources.  Some of the stories are pretty standard.  Seducing the young student, sex with the older mentor.  Some are a little more out there.  From seducing the priest, to teaching a young son the proper technique, to assisting in the collection of gorilla sperm.  Right around the time that “gorilla sperm” came up, I decided to start skimming this one.  The analysis of the fantasies is interesting.  Friday manages to take some pretty complex psychological motivations and condense them down into a language that the average reader could easily understand.  The frameworks of the fantasies expose the wide variety of fantasy that exists in a woman’s world, and the driving forces in women’s lives at the time of the publication.  But I really could have done without the gorilla sex.

An interesting note:  Would-be censors got their way in their demands to remove this book from the Chestatee Public Library in Gainesville ( Hall County ), Georgia. Before a final vote was taken by the library board on the fate of Women on Top, the book was borrowed and “accidentally” destroyed. The board voted not to replace it.  Found here

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