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Banned Book Review: Fade

February 3, 2006

65. Fade by Robert Cormier

Reason: Challenged for sex and violence and not being appropriate for middle school students.

Fade is…. complex.  There’s a lot of symbolism packed into this book, and some sites assert that the book is one giant allegory of a writer’s wish to simply observe.  The narrative often jumps between the lives of three different generations of the family this story is about, which can be difficult to follow.  Paul is a young boy who discovers that he can disappear for short periods of time.  The gift has apparently been passed down through his family, from uncle to nephew.  Paul explores some of his family’s past, including that of his beautiful Aunt Rosa, and his mysterious Uncle Adelard.  There are also several sections which are written by a distant cousin, who is supposedly reading the “manuscript” which comprises the rest of the book.  I agree that the book is not appropriate for middle school students, but mostly because most middle school students don’t have the tools to really understand and appreciate this book.  Recommended for ages 13 and up.

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