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Banned Book Review: Cujo

January 24, 2006

Note: I had some difficulty with getting my hands on #54, so I’m just going to move forward until I get it.

55. Cujo by Stephen King

Reason: Banned for subject matter and language

Cujo is the story of a dog who is driven mad by rabies.  Moreso, it is the story of the two people who are trapped in a hot car for three days by the dog.  Unlike most of Stephen King’s other books, the paranormal aspects of this book are not overt.  The paranormal is implied here, and hotly debated among reviewers.  Whether the derangement of the massive Saint Bernard is due to rabies or due to possession by a character from another novel is up to the reader.  For me, the lack of paranormal in this book allows Stephen King to showcase his skill in juxtaposition.  The Good Dog who becomes Mad.  The loyal wife with the horrible husband next to the cheating wife with the loving husband.  The country family and the city family.  Much like Stephen King’s other novels, there is a great deal of cursing, frank discussions of sex and bodily functions, and some rather graphically described violence.  The horror here is more real than many of King’s other books, and for that reason is much more frightening.  Probably not appropriate for kids in junior high or younger.  Unless you’re like me and read The Tommyknockers in 6th grade.

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  1. Morgan Rose permalink
    July 8, 2015 4:22 am

    May I say just how much I love the fact you read Tommyknockers in the sixth grade? Because I do, very much. It kinda makes me feel all warm & fuzzy when I come across folks who were reading “inappropriate” books at a young age like I did when I was that age.

    When I was that age I was reading TONS of Gothic romance novels, F&SF, what would now be considered YA mysteries and rereading Gone With the Wind and Shakespeare’s complete works. Yeah I was an odd child in a small town.

    Just to let you know how I got here – I came for the ‘9 things..’ Ren posts and stayed because of Bisbee the cat and A&M and like that young cadet probably does I have some fond memories of my time there. I’ve been having a fascinating time reading all your archived posts especially the Banned Book reviews. I find myself flabbergasted at some of the books listed and what put them there. Sometimes I swear that madness is taking over and that common sense has been thrown out the window entirely. Thanks for reminding me there are still sane people in this world.


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