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Banned Book Review: Brave New World

January 17, 2006

52. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Reason: Sexual Content

Brave New World, the gold standard for distopian utopias, is about a society where everyone is happy, but no one truly feels anything.  Society is made up of 5 rigid castes who are grown in bottles spun off of an assembly line like mass marketed goods.  Those of the lower castes are chemically stunted, and all children are brain washed to be cheerful consumers and worshipers of the Almighty Henry Ford.  There is some sex in the book, but most of it is described in general terms.  The worship of consumerism had some parents groups up in arms, so much so that the real message here was lost in the uproar.  The Noble Savage, who is accidentally born to a “civilized” mother on an Indian Reservation, sheds an harsh light on this cheerfully soulless society.  Through his eyes, the reader sees how the whirlwind consumerism and communism of this society has brought them down to the emotional maturity of infants.

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