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Banned Book Review: A Light in the Attic

January 13, 2006

51. A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

Reason:  irreverent attitude towards child behavior (at times encouraging messiness and disobedience).

I’m going to tell all you parents out there a secret:  If your kid is the type to drop dishes in order to get out of cleaning the kitchen, a silly poem isn’t going to be the deciding factor.  And punishing them by making them scrub the floor of little shards will go a long way towards discouraging that sort of thing.  The book is generally remembered fondly by those who read it as a child and speaks humorously of some of the difficulties that kids deal with, putting them in adult terms without talking down to them.  Reading this book as a child, you will enjoy their silly subjects and witty turn of phrase.  As an adult you will appreciate some of the deeper meanings beneath Silverstein’s poetry.  Recommended for kids 4 to 80.

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