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Wedding Crashers

January 9, 2006

Bulldog and I rented The Wedding Crashers a while back.  It was as advertised, cheesy, corny, and extremely sexist.  I had already decided the movie sucked, but figured I’d watch it through to the end.  Right up till one of the main characters is tied to a bed and raped.  And because the character in question was male and the female raping him was cute, it was supposed to be funny.  I was already annoyed with the movie because of the scene at the dinner table where this same character is involuntarily jerked off by the girl under the table, and this was the final straw.  Yet again male rape is okay, as long as the person doing it is a sexy female.  I never found out if they address the rape issue, because I walked out of the room.

Now, I realize that this was the “Uncorked” edition, so the theatrical edition might not have been as graphic, or deleted the scene entirely.  But the fact that it was in this edition says that at some point someone said “Hey, this will be funny!” and lots of other people AGREED.  Writers, actors, directors, editors, producers….  None of these people said “You know….  She’s got this guy tied up and he’s screaming at her to stop.  And that’s really not very funny.”

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