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Banned Book Review: Annie on my Mind

January 9, 2006

48. Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden

Reason: the book portrays lesbian love and sex as normal.

Annie on my Mind not only portrays lesbian love as normal, but also explores some of the hateful and horrible things that can happen to young gay couples as they struggle for acceptance, both of themselves and of the world around them.

I began Annie on my Mind one afternoon and stayed up long into the night finishing it.  It is a touching story of longing, growing, and exploring something beautiful and forbidden in secret.  The two main characters are very real, wonderfully fleshed out, and heart breakingly in love with each other.  Over the course of the book the pair fall in love, admit to their love, and have that love challenged as immoral by their teachers and peers.  The book manages to get its message across without being preachy or volatile.  Instead it is sweet and realistic without getting so deeply mired in the difficulties of being a gay teenager that it loses focus on the real story of love, friendship, and being true to yourself.

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