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Banned Book Review: The Bluest Eye

December 12, 2005

39. The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Reason: deal[s] with racism and child molestation

The narrative in The Bluest Eye can sometimes be hard to follow.  Morrison begins at the end and works her way both backwards and forwards through the lives and loves of her various characters.  She explores the self hate of young black girls, the rough lives of young black men, and the interactions of all ages and sexes with the white world.  In this world, a blue eyed girl is the ideal of beauty, and a young black child longs for beautiful blue eyes through which she can filter out the ugliness of her life.  The passage describing her rape by her father is graphic and yet poetic at the same time.  Morrison blends harsh reality with golden dreams, hard description with lyric metaphor.  You will love this book for the beauty of its words, and hate it for the power of its stories.

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