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Banned Book Review: Final Exit

December 7, 2005

36. Final Exit by Derek Humphry

Reason:  I know you guys probably don’t click these links anyways, but I’ll be damned if I can find a nice summary of why this book is banned.  My Google-Fu has failed me.  Suffice to say, it’s about how to kill yourself or a loved one.

Most of the research I did on this book talks about the controversy surrounding the book, but none of them give a specific reason for it being banned.  I guess just the idea of a whole book on how to kill yourself or a loved one creeps some people out.  There’s even a book written about Humphry’s book Jean’s Way, calling him a murderer.  The book is detailed.  It talks about very specific ways of killing yourself (with pictures), the merits of each method and the myths surrounding them.  It also covers the legal ramifications of helping someone to kill themselves and how to increase your chances of staying out of jail if you do.  One would think that “Don’t let the cops see this book” would be included in that list.  The book is written in a quietly convincing tone of voice that reminds me of the way serial killers talk on “Law & Order” when they’ve finally dropped the Shiny Happy Facade.

And creepy…  Dude’s got a blog.

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